For over five years I have wrestled with the subject of our children's education. After dragging my feet and resisting the idea of taking on the responsibility of homeschooling we have finally decided for the Spring of 2011, our family will undergo one trial semester of homeschooling. We are approaching this semester with the attitude of 'laying a foundation' and I am refusing to give-in to the tendency to make drastic changes. Instead, we have chosen to be fully committed by taking the first baby steps and wading into the pool of schooling at home, but not diving in full force (which I was inclined to do). Basically our formal/planned schooling consists of two days a week from 8:30 to 3:30 which includes breaks through out.

An Average School Day:

7 Wake Up, Morning Milk/Short Video, Get Dressed, Breakfast
8:15 Play with Fisher (give him extra attention before starting class)
8:30 Circle Time (Play games, stretch, exercise)
8:45 Math Class (Tues); Science Class (Thurs) Anya (3 year old) is excused ~15 minutes before Easton (5 years old) so she can play with Fisher (1 year old) while I spend one on one time with Easton.

9:30 Snack Time
10:00 History Class
11:00 Break, Lunch, Play

1:00 Fisher (1 year old) naps; Easton has Quiet Time; Anya does English Class

1:45ish Anya has Quiet Time

2:45ish Easton has English Class
3:30 School Day Ends

Right now we are doing what I believe is called a 'Unit Study'. We are structuring our subjects around one central theme. I am using the book Window On The World to plan subjects. Each page of the book informs the reader about a particular nation in the world. For instance, our first nation is India, so I am teaching the kids about Mother Teresa, Asian Barred Owlets, Indian Food, Hindi Language, etc by weaving India into Math, Science, History, English, and Spiritual Growth.
Fortunately, I have enjoyed learning along with the kids which definitely puts a positive spin on things. In addition, I have seen an overall improvement in the household climate. I am grateful for the peace that comes with surrendering to God's directions. I am not sure what the future holds concerning our family's educational choices, but I am confident that if I obey God on a day to day basis that He will lead me and my family down the right path whether we continue homeschooling or not.

What are your fears, questions, concerns about homeschooling? Do you feel pressured to provide an education for your children a certain way? Do you think there is a right or wrong way?