Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plans and Tools

I am so green when it comes to homeschooling.  Honestly, I really have no business telling anyone how to do it, but I can share how I am doing it.

Stephen and I have carved out about two hours on Saturdays for me to do my lesson plans.  At that time, I draw out every increment of each school day.

Then I use this blog to upload videos, pictures, and resources that correlates with our schedule.  The blog is very useful; it allows me to have one central local for me to access the information on demand when we get to that activity during the school day.

In addition, I bookmark the pictures, maps, and resources so that I can print them for the kids to use in their "Index Notebook".

The "Index Notebook" stores their pictures, maps, etc.  Not only does it serve as a neat organized storage, it also is used for 'flash cards' that can be a tool to review what we've learned.

Another helpful tool is their 'Journals'.  Currently, we are using their journals for handwriting by practicing writing key words of the day's lesson.

That about sums up the skeleton of our homeschooling plans and tools.  To me, simple is always good.

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